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Visiting the clinic

You will have been to the specialist non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma clinic several times for diagnostic tests, as well as consultations about your condition and the management options open to you.

Nevertheless, you probably feel quite nervous about going along for treatment, particularly if it’s the first round of therapy. There will be a lot of information to take in, and you will be treated by staff you have previously only met in passing, if at all.

Depending on the therapy, you may have to spend an extended period in hospital, or make regular visits over several weeks. It’s therefore important that you are prepared for your visit, and have everything ready that you were asked to bring. You may also have tests similar to those when you are diagnosed to make sure that the treatment is going well.

Think about what questions you have, whether they are about the treatment itself, its side effects, or the impact it may have on you life. Instead of trying to remember them all, write them down, and remember that no question is “too stupid” or “too simple” to ask.

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