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Carers are not alone

Carers may feel guilty about having concerns and worries of their own at a time when their loved one is having to deal with their condition.

There’s so much for a carer to do and think about, it’s not surprising they may need to talk to someone. Carers can feel that they are isolated and alone, especially if they can’t maintain the social network they had before their loved one became ill.

However, there are a number of sources of support for carers. The lymphoma team at the specialist clinic, your family doctor or the patient’s family doctor will all be able to offer advice.

There are also many organisations and support groups in your local area and nationally that can offer practical and emotional help and provide information, as well as listen to your story.

You can even share your story, and read those of patients with non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma and their carers on this website. To do so, simply visit “Patient stories”. For more information on sources of support, see “Finding support”.

Use the links below to find out more about your loved one’s condition.

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